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Volume 7 - Issue 1
Investigation into Sexual Suppresion

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Sex is our most basic human impulse, the driving force behind our art and politics, our joys and terrors.

But yet it’s also a giggle-inducing, taboo subject in the mainstream news. Many sources either crusade against sexuality with scare stories, or push events involving sex to the back pages of their publications.

With our investigative team, endeavors to bring our readers authentic recounts of human sexuality from a sex-positive point of view. Our reporters produce fearless, uncensored, dedicated reporting on many aspects of sexuality based news, while maintaining a strong stance on all of our inherent rights to liberty and happiness.

From the adult industry, to sexual politics, to the science of sex, you can count on for timely, in-depth, and accurate stories that campaign against the suppression of sexuality.

Fielding a team of daring journalists who tackle sexuality with an open mind and reliable reporting, we bring you the strictest journalistic integrity, along with a willingness to go where others will not, and an ability to ask questions that are not normally asked.

Welcome to’s investigative reports column – reporting the world the way it is.

Obscenity Law and the PROTECT Act: The Christopher Handley Case

Christopher Handley is 39 years old. He lives in Glenwood, Iowa, and works in an office. He collects comic books, specifically manga. In May 2006, he went to the post office to pick up some manga he ordered from Japan. On his drive home, he was pulled over by multiple police authorities. They did not like the manga he was reading. They followed him home, and they searched his house. They went through all his belongings, and confiscated “1,200 manga books or publications and hundreds of DVDs, VHS tapes, laser disks; seven computers, and other documents.” Of all this material, the government objected to a reported 150-300 single images. As a result, Handley is now facing 15 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and a three-year supervised release.

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Obscene Firings

Last September, Brent Ward, the head of the Department of Justice Obscenity Task Force, sent an email to Kyle Sampson, then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ chief of staff. The email, titled “obscenity cases,” was cryptic in its message and tone. It mentioned two U.S. attorneys by name—Paul Charlton of Phoenix and Dan Bogen of Las Vegas—who were “unwilling to take good cases we have presented to them,” and deemed the situation with Charlton to be “urgent.” Both Charlton and Bogden have since been forced to resign

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New York’s Show World Zoning Controversy

Mandy Doster thinks of herself as open-minded, outspoken, and radically left wing.

“Lord knows, I’m about as liberal as you can get,” she said.

But when she learned that Jan DeGroote, owner of the Show World adult video store francise, had purchased the vacant auto garage across the street from her house—which is located in an industrial zone of Greece, NY near Rochester—and was planning on opening a new location there, she was radically opposed to the idea.

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PEPFAR and the AIDS-Ravaged World: Will it Save the Day?

If there’s one thing the current administration has proven during its tumultuous White House tenure—after 9/11, after Hurricane Katrina—it’s the fact that everything—disease, disaster and death included—has a political dimension. So, it really shouldn’t be surprising that under Bush the U.S. response to the global AIDS epidemic, the largest health crisis the world has ever faced—a disease that took the lives of 2.8 million people in 2005 alone according to a recent UNAIDS report—has become the nexus of a massive morality campaign.

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Obscenity Law and the PROTECT Act: The Christopher Handley Case
Obscene Firings
Assault on Common Sense
New York’s Show World Zoning Controversy
PEPFAR and the AIDS-Ravaged World: Will it Save the Day?


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